The 93rd May Festival Blueming

How to browse Online May Festival

We are holding the 93rd May Festival by releasing projects online. The Holding period is September 20th (Sun) and 21st (Mon/Holiday) ,2020 .

About “Online” May Festival

In Online May Festival, projects are released through services such as YouTube and Zoom. This website is a relay point that shows URLs for these services. Find projects on the Official Website, and access each project from the URLs on the project page during the Festival.

We are going to use services as follows.

  • Video sharing services and streaming services such as YouTube Live and niconico Live
  • Video call services such as Zoom and Google Hangout(Meet)
  • Sale of goods with online shopping services
  • Projects’ Websites

You can check what services each project uses on the “Project Introduction” page. We are going to arrange a page explaining how to use services soon. We recommend you to create an account of those services if you are sure to use a certain service.

Find Projects

There are more than 120 projects in Online May Festival. Jump to ”Projects” page to find projects.

On ”Projects” page , you can look over the list of projects, and narrow down them by categories, embodiments and keywords.

Like Projects

Access project introduction pages from the “Project” page and you can “like” projects. Let’s click or tap the “Like” button on each page. You can check projects you have liked on the “Likes” page, and on the very days you can use the list of “liked” projects which will start soon.

On”Likes” page you can check projects you liked.

Must-See Projects

We have chosen “Must-See Projects” from all projects. If you have no idea what project to enjoy, we recommend you to check them.

M ust-See Projects

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Watch/Join in Projects

On the festival Days, we disclose URLs on each project’s page. Access them and enjoy yourselves!

We will soon release a page explaining how to use services such as Zoom and Youtube.